Ieva Paberzyte

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PhD candidate, Department of Anthropology, McGill University
MA (McGill University, 2007), BA (Vilnius University, 2004)

Contact: Anthropology, McGill University
Stephen Leacock Building
855 Sherbrooke St West
Montreal, Quebec Canada H3A 2T7
Office: Peterson Hall, Rm 14 / 514.398.1064







Subarctic Indigenous communities, childbirth, community - archaeology relationship, archaeological theory, cultural identity issues, politics of representation, visual anthropology, research ethics, evolutionary anthropology.

Current research

I am doing my PhD research under the supervision of Prof. Andre Costopoulos. My PhD research is on the childbirth experiences of Indigenous people in the remote Northern communities in Canada. Through the stories of Cree families I want to explore the childbirth transition from the birth on the land to the birth in the faraway southern hospitals today. My case study will be conducted in Cree community, Wemindji, Northern Quebec, Canada.

My first bibliographic essay for the PhD program is titled "Co-interpreting the past" (2010). In my essay I present the collaborative research results of archaeology crew and Cree community during several field seasons on the Old Factory lake, Wemindji (2006-2008). I show how two different approaches (scientific and indigenous) to archaeological research can be very effective and lead to rich findings and interesting results. My second bibliographic essay is about multivocality of Northern Indigenous communities ("Unexcavated Cairns" (2012). Currently I am working on my third bibliographic essay where I explore the childbirth in anthropology and different perspectives on the concept of risk in relation to health and childbirth in particular.


I am a member of the two projects: The Wemindji-Paakumshumwaau Project: Environment, Development and Sustainability in a James Bay Cree Community and SCENOP. I have contributed by gathering some visual data for Excavations @ Parc Safari.


Journal articles, photography

Costopoulos A., S. Vaneeckhout, J. Okkonen, E. Hulse and I. Paberzyte 2012. The rise of socially complex hunter-gatherers in the Northern Bothnian Gulf region 5000 Years Ago. European Journal of Archaeology 15(1): 41-60.

Paberzyte I., and A. Costopoulos, 2009. The Evolution of Current Trends in Lithuanian Archaeology: Soviet Past and Post-Soviet Present. Lietuvos Archeologija (35).

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Costopoulos A., S. Vaneeckhout, I. Paberzyte, E. Hulse, and J. Okkonen, 2006. Clear evidence of black painted comb-ware at Kierikki. Fennoscandia Archaeologica 23:55-59.

In Press

Paberzyte, I., C. Nielsen, A. Costopoulos, and H. Stewart. Co-interpreting the Past. In C Scott, P Brown, and J Labrecque (eds), Dialoguing Knowledges: Finding our Way to Respect and Relationship (vol 2). Submitted to Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press.

Posters and Presentations

Costopoulus A., C. Nielsen, I. Paberzyte, B. Halford, R. Jobling, and D. Dytchkowskyj. 2007. Change and Continuity in the Wemindji Region. Poster session presented in Wemindji, Quebec in August 2007.

Costopoulus A., C. Nielsen, and I. Paberzyte. 2006. Archaeological Research in the Wemindji-Paakumshumwaau Project. Poster session presented in Wemindji, Quebec in August 2006.


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